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We like to offer students at CADA as many opportunities

as we can. We recognise talent and were delighted that

Miss Jayne and her family brought to us The Paul Stewart

Scholarship Award. The award allows one student 100% 

​free tuition. Students are invited  each Summer term to apply

via application and explain in their own words why they would

like a years scholarship to CADA Stars. How it would benefit

them as a Dance student and most importantly how it would 

benefit their family financially.


Once all of the applications have been submitted, successful applicants will be invited to audition. From this process the final scholarship winner will be announced the end of our Summer Term. All applications MUST be in by the 1st June 2018.



To apply please click here.


Paul Stewart was Miss Jaynes Dad - his loss was devastating to so many people, being such the heart and soul of his family, so it gives us the greatest pleasure - along with our legacy of Carol Anne North -  to honour a truly remarkable man in Mr Paul Stewart who would be delighted with our Scholarship Award.


2013 RECIPIENTS:     100% SCHOLARSHIP: Kacie Braybrook             


2014 RECIPIENTS:     100% SCHOLARSHIP: Leah Little                          

                                     50% SCHOLARSHIPS: Katie Smith 

2015 RECIPIENT:        100% SCHOLARSHIP: Lyla McKenzie

2016 RECIPIENT:        100% SCHOLARSHIP: Megan Sell

2017 RECIPIENT:        100% SCHOLARSHIP: Evie King


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