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The ultimate goal of the Carol Anne Dance Academy (CADA STARS) is for children of all ages and abilities to have fun, make new friends and to enjoy Dance and the Performing Arts in all its sparkly glory! Confidence is a key attribute to any success and together, with all of our supportive staff - who are fully DBS checked - we use Dance as a fundamental way of teaching the students to believe in themselves and shine with their own individual talent. 


For many children Dancing and Singing is their way of expressing themselves. With many reality TV and entertainment shows coming into light over the past couple of years, the Performing Arts has been reignited with many young children wanting, in some way, to become their own little star. To be able to Street Dance to funky music, or to be able to perform on stage in front of friends and family and to live out their dreams.


There is nothing worse than going to a Dance class where you feel intimidated or frightened by the teacher or that you're not quite up to the standard required. We welcome all students all abilities. 


In each class at CADA the students are encouraged to work as part of a team, on their own or with partners. This teaches them to be able to work well in any given situation. No pressure is ever placed on any student should they not feel comfortable performing on their own, however, you will notice that as the term

progresses and their confidence grows, there is normally a different outcome at the end of the term.


At CADA we welcome students of all ages from all backgrounds. We inspire all future stars to live their dreams and our ethos is that 'Every Child Matters'. Your first trial sessions in FREE of charge!


Coming to a class at CADA will be nothing but fun and rewarding! 









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