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We are fully committed to ensure that child protection and the safeguarding of our students is of the highest priority.

We require all of our teachers and assistants to have an Enhanced Clearance via DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service, formerly Criminal Records Bureau or CRB).

Please note, as government guidance and policies change, we will be updating safety measures accordingly.

These are the current GOV guidelines as of the 10/04/2020

The National Youth Agency (NYA)

How we are keeping your child safe during the COVID-19 Pandemic?

Please do not send your child to CADA STARS if they are feeling unwell or if a family member or someone in your household are displaying COVID-19 symptoms.


For our full letter and guidelines, please click here.


  • To minimise risk, students have been put into bubbles on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays and will not mix with other bubbles within the Academy for the time being. 

  • All parents/carers are kindly asked to maintain social distancing when arriving at our venue. Only Staff and Students are permitted to enter the Village Hall. No parent /carer should cross the main door entrance and enter the building unless in an emergency. 

  • All parents/carers are required to drop their children off at the main door of the hall. Please do not hang around and leave the car park as quickly as possible. 

  • Registration will be taken once students have entered the hall to maintain attendance, track and trace and social distancing.


  • We will be observing class sizes in line with social distancing and risk assessment requirements. 

  • Frequent hand washing or hand sanitisation will be undertaken by all upon entry, between disciplines, before and after break and toilet visits, and upon exit.

  • Hand sanitisers will be available to all students although they are permitted to bring their own. 

  • Signage regarding hand washing / sanitising will be displayed around the hall.

  • Please ensure your child only brings essential possessions to CADA (such as water or a snack for break and any medical needs, i.e. EpiPen), and to keep those possessions in their own tidy area. CADA are providing each student with a plastic, wipeable, box for their belongings . These will stay on site.

  • Where possible, please DO NOT bring mobile phones or tablets to CADA.

  • Our ACRO mats will be sanitised after each use. 

  • Students will be encouraged to cough or sneeze using the inside of their elbow to 'catch it' or use a tissue which should be put into a bin bag which the Principal or teacher in charge will dispose of after each session.

  • Please ensure students have sliders / slip on shoes - for all toilet visits. 


  • We will be observing the latest social distancing guidance from the UK Government for all of our students where appropriate.

  • Rooms will be of the required size and markings made to assist students in recognising the social distancing needed.

  • For younger students we will endeavour to deliver classes which encourage them to keep their distance where reasonably practicable.

  • Our toilet policy has been modified to incorporate social distancing.


  • Students are to be collected from the side entrance of the hall - nearest the car park.

  • Please ensure you are social distancing on pick up and please turn off your car engine and stand by the side of your car where possible. We will dismiss the students to you one at a time so please be patient with us.

  • Please safely leave the car park as soon as your child has been collected. For the time being, please do not use this time to socialise.


  • In the event of classes being unavailable, we will be offering replacement classes delivered via an online platform such as Zoom where available.

  • After each session the Staff of CADA STARS fill out a risk assessment form both for the Academy and Hall to highlight any problems that may have arisen and that need to be addressed before the next session.

  • If you have any concerns, please do not hesitate in contacting the Principal - Miss Emma - on 07903 801 802

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